Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mater Dei HS students will discover the Pankratium in Gmuend, Austria with Incantato

Incantato Tours together with Kaerten Tourism planned a special activity for the MDHS travelers, they will discover the Pankratium in Gmuend. Have you ever thought about the possibility of "seeing" music? The Pankratium is called "House of Astonishment" and this has a reason, you will be able to get a playful cognitive access to the world of music, colors, shapes and movements. At numerous experimental stands visitors not only hear vibrations, but also see and feel them.

The diversity of the Water Sound Images developed by Alexander Lauterwasser is particularly impressive. Using an inimitable technique, the vibration creation process is made visible in the medium of water. By using water drums, metal plates, sonoscopes and a sound vessel you can create your own sound pattern, make your "individual sound" visible and take your sound image home with you.

Watch the video below and get a sneak peak what awaits you at the Pankratium:

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