Monday, March 24, 2014

Mater Dei High School concert venue in Venice, Italy - San Rocco Church

Incantato Concert Tours is proud to be with the Mater Dei High School Choir in Venice, on April 26th, where they will perform in San Rocco Church at 6pm. The church is well known for tourists to come and see the great works of Tintoretto (also known as, Jacopo Robusti, an influential Venetian painter from the late 1500's). 

The church of San Rocco was built between 1489 and 1508 by Bartolomeo Bon, who had also built the churches Campanile in 1494. During the Middle Ages, a Plague had completely spread through the city of Venice and it's lagoons. There are four churches within Venice that are recognized as the four great plague churches (San Rocco being one of them). They display the famous works from artists that concentrate on the stories and the impact that the plague had on it's people and the Saints that had been involved in that time period. 

What makes this church stand out from some of the others, is how well preserved the art is by Tintoretto and it being in it's original places. Once inside the church, you will see there is a plague picture over the first altar on the right (done by the artist named Rizzi), which is representing a late plague patron, Saint Francis of Paola, trying to revive a dead child. In the choir, High Altar, there is a figure of Saint Rocco himself, baring his leg to show the plague spot to which he had. The masterpieces inside done by Tintoretto have often been described as the "Sistine Chapel" of Venice. Pay close attention to the art work on the walls, the ceilings and you will notice how every part was made so conscientiously by the painter. 

6pm april 26th

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