Friday, March 21, 2014

Your Restaurant in Venice - In the Heart of Veneto's History

Leaving the wonderful Piazza San Marco behind you, making your way through the busy alley ways of what people consider to be "The Queen of the Adriatic", you are nearing the restaurant we have selected for you to dine in, during one of your nights in Venice.

The restaurant goes by the name of Taverna dei Dogi. Taverna, simply means "Tavern", dei in the form of "your" or "of" and Dogi is a word in Italian that refers to what we would describe in English as "leaders" or someone like a "duke."

Neighboring one of the most famous bridges in Northern Italy, is the Bridge of Sighs. Which earned it's name by Lord Byron in the 19th century, coming from how prisoners who would pass over the canal on the bridge would sigh at their last view of Venice through the windows before being taken down to their cells. Also local legend says that lovers will be granted eternal love and bliss shall they kiss while passing under the bridge on a gondola, when the bells of St. Marks Campanile toll.

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